Simulation-Based Education in Supply Chain and Project Management

A. Tzimerman, L. Dery, N. S. Balouka, I. Cohen, Y. T. Herer, A. Shtub, INFORMS Tutorials in Operational Research, Bridging Data and Decisions (October 27, 2014)


Simulation-Based Education is part of the new teaching methods that have emerged over the past century, implemented in a variety of domains, and growing constantly ever since. It is an effective and dynamic educational tool that offers several advantages over traditional educations techniques. We have designed two state-of-the-art simulators, one within the supply chain management domain and the other within the project management domain. Both of these domains are of major concerns in operations management. This tutorial demonstrates the use of these simulators as a teaching tool and as a decision support system. Using the Supply Chain Simulator we show how it can be used to demonstrate the importance of using inventory position and not local inventory (net inventory) in the presence of lead times. Using the Project Team Builder we demonstrate the issues that need to be managed when trying to develop a project plan that minimizes the project cost while ending the project on or before a given due date and satisfying all the requirements.

Keywords: simulation-based training; simulation-based education; project management; supply chain management