Advanced Management Simulation - Full Simulator Access




Full access to the PTB™ for Training and Scenario Builder™ for an entire course duration. We offer special prices for academia, contact us to learn more.

The Scenario Builder™ allows the instructor and the students to create their own project use-cases, which can then be managed with the simulator.  It is possible to easily create tailored simulations derived from the student’s contextual world and needs.

At the first level, students use the PTB™ to practice what they have learned in class by simulating a variety of project scenarios. The PTB™ scenario library contains a large number of project case studies based on real and imaginary projects. Simple scenarios are deterministic and are used to teach the students how to schedule, how to develop a budget and how to trade off time, cost and performance. Advanced scenarios introduce uncertainty and risk management and are used to teach the students how to plan a complex project, including a risk management plan and how to monitor and control the project during its execution in a dynamic, stochastic environment.

In advanced courses, the Scenario Builder™ is used by the students to develop a scenario for a real project. The process of building and simulating a project with the PTB™ leads the trainees through the life cycle of their real project and lets them manage the project in a lab like setting, working on mapping the stake holders, understanding their needs and expectations, searching for alternative ways to perform project activities and defining performance measures for the project scope and the product scope.

The built in history mechanism allows the instructor to review the decisions made by the PTB™ users and to analyze cause and effect to draw "lessons learned".


Target Audience

This option is most suitable for instructors who want to use simulation throughout their course. The course level can be intermediate to advanced.


Duration and Format

The simulations are used for the entire course duration. An email will be sent after purchase with the access details. Each student will have unlimited access throughout the course, from any location.


Technical Requirements

To use the course you need an Internet Connection with an Adobe Flash enabled web browser, a Windows XP or later Microsoft updated operating system and speakers or headphones.


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