The PTB™ Analytics for Advanced Decision Making

"The only source of knowledge is experience." Albert Einstein


Have you ever worked on a project where the project plan was a little more than an advanced To-Do list? Or managed a project where decision making was based on hunches rather than on known facts?


Every year numerous projects are finished late, over budget or are altogether cancelled, because project managers lack the tools and techniques to support making appropriate decisions.

The PTB™ Analytics solution helps you make better decisions, build the project team, handle uncertainty in projects and consider different alternatives methods for performing the project. It uses simulation to predict how the project you designed might play out in the real world. The result is better decision making, more accurate forecasts and ultimately better project results.


With PTB Analytics, companies have the power to maximize decision effectiveness by examining alternative outcomes and scenarios throughout the project lifecycle. Using Actionable Analytics was deemed a critical strategy in recent reports.



How It Works