Information for Instructors

Adding practical training to management courses improves the learning process and allows students to apply the knowledge they learned in class. The different simulations can also be used for grading assignments. We offer different products suitable for different course levels and durations. Academia discounts are available, contact us to learn more.


Online Simulations

The simulations can be added as a practical exercise to an existing course. They are self-contained and include a tutorial video which helps the user get started. Being completely online, they can be used from the classroom or from any other location. Once the simulation is finished the student can generate a PDF report with the score achieved.

  • New Product Development - Project Management Essentials Simulation – The simulation takes 1-3 hours. It is ideal for fundamental level courses. It has been used in high schools, undergraduate programs and by practitioners.
  • Electrical Distribution Station - Applied Project Management Simulation – This simulation takes 2-5 hours. It is excellent as a practical addition to undergraduate level courses and for intermediate level practitioner courses.
  • Advanced Management Simulation - Full Simulator Access – This option allows for using the simulator throughout the course and according to the specific course requirements. The students have unlimited access to the software throughout the course, from any location. This option has been used in undergraduate, graduate, MBA and professional courses. One method for using it is to supplement each lecture with a practical simulation part. Another is to add a final project assignment with the PTB™.


Online Course

  • Hands on Project Management Theory and Practice Course – This course can be used to supplement an existing course. The students can view the recorded videos before the relevant lectures and preform the practical assignment with the simulator after the theory is taught in class.


It is possible to have the students purchase independently or purchase collectively.  

We have vast experience with using the PTB™ simulator at different levels, in Academia and industry. Contact us and we’d be happy to share our knowledge and help you choose the best solution for your needs.



A new book, "Hands on Project Management: Practice Your Skills with Simulation Based Training", explains the theory of Project Management while allowing the reader to put the theory into practice, using a special version of the PTB simulator, which is bundled with the book.


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