Improving Success Rates in Projects using PTB Webinar

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Attend this webinar (or view a recording) to learn more about capabilities of the PTB™ Analytics simulator.

Project failure rates are unacceptably high across different industries, defense and aerospace being no exception. According to one study, the largest contributor to project failures is poor estimation during the planning phase. Great planning requires forward thinking, evaluating different alternatives and thinking about the risks associated with each alternative. This is especially true in the very early stages of the project, when the impact of decisions made is very high, but the amount of available information is low.

In this webinar the PTB Analytics, an advanced project planning tool will be presented along with relevant information for how it helps users achieve better project results. A specific use case from the defense industry will be used.

Webinar outline:

  • Project failure rates, facts and causes
  • The project front-end
  • What can be done? PTB background and methodology
  • PTB demonstration – defense use case
  • Summary and conclusions
  • Q&A

Who should attend:

The webinar will benefit anyone who wants to learn how to improve project results. Intended audience is individuals working on or managing defense related projects that want to learn how to better manage resources, cost, time scope and reduce risks.

Attendees will be exposed to cutting edge tools and techniques that help project teams deliver successful projects.

How is PTB useful to APA users?

Using the PTB Analytics helps project teams make better decisions. Improving the decision making in the project planning phase:

  • Reduces project cost by up to 10%
  • Leads to 7% shorter delivery
  • Causes 5% fewer changes during the project
  • Significantly improves overall meeting of goals
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