Managing Your Startup's New Product Development Projects

PTB Simulator Access

If you purchased the book "Managing Your Startup's New Product Development Projects" by Shtub and Rich, you can access the simulator version that accompanies the book. To do so, send us an email at with your full name, email address and the unique access code printed in the first page of the book.


About the Book

Practice Your Skills with Simulation-Based Training

Teaching new product development is not an easy task. Part of the difficulty is the one-of-a-kind nature of these projects.
This book and the software that comes with it (Project Team Builder) present a unique approach to the teaching and training of new product development — an approach based on a software tool that combines an interactive, dynamic case study and a simple yet effective Project Management System.
The book focuses on problems that a new product development team faces in planning, monitoring and controlling its projects. Together with the software, the book provides the user with the opportunity to experience complex new product development situations, understand the situation, develop alternative ways to cope with it and select the best alternative based on rigorous analysis.



  • Introduction
  • Critical Success Factors in New Product Development
  • Mapping the Organization and Its Innovation Maturity
  • The Voice of the Customers' Needs, Expectations and Value
  • Portfolio Management — Selecting the Right NPD Projects
  • Quality and ISO
  • Scope Management
  • Scheduling
  • Resource Management
  • Budgeting
  • Risk Management
  • Execution and Control
  • Summary



Undergraduate students of project development and entrepreneurship, and professionals in startup companies or businesses with new product development.


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