The PTB™ won the PMI Product of the Year Award for 2008

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"The Project Management Institute (PMI) Professional Development Product of the Year Award recognizes exceptional professional development instruction and/or training materials for project management students, trainees or practitioners. Much like aircraft pilots, who routinely use flight simulators to gain valuable experience, project managers benefit from simulating project decision-making and outcomes. Project Team Builder™ (PTB™) extends this concept to project management by creating a highly realistic environment where project managers face the challenges of managing complex projects. PTB is designed to support training and to provide an environment for practicing teamwork in managing multiple dynamic projects. The situations are based on case studies, which are dynamic in the sense that the situation can change at any time. “The experience project managers gain during the simulation is invaluable,” said Brian Weiss, vice president of product management for PMI. “Everything that takes place is based on actual project data, ensuring that the project manager’s education is a pragmatic experience versus an academic one.”